By: Muhamad M Nasir (School of Chemical Eng. and Analytical Science)
Competition Year: 2014
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The sun rises, at the peak's sight;
Provides shades, heat and light;
Upon a man who works over the daylight;
To raise one's life according to his might.

It's coming, unexpectedly;
The watery droplets, falling showers;
As the dark clouds emerged abruptly;
And the sun, hiding its face,

Then, it's gone instantly;
Wetting the soil in humidity;
The dark sky is fading away,
The white clouds reappear with the ray.

It's a metaphor of life;
There will be a miracle;
As a rainbow appeared with its colourful lines;
Upon the sky high with its parabolic smile.

Don't fret nor afraid;
with every difficulty you face,
comes with it an ease;
because He always be with you, day and night,
and always keep in mind that;
no matter if it's a streamline or a flood terrain,
there's always a rainbow comes after the rain.
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