By: Aaron Castelino (School of Electrical and Electronic Eng.)
Competition Year: 2014
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Life is all about 0's and 1's,
At times it seems to be analogue and at times digital.
We often tend to look at the negative flags and neglect the positive flags;
Much like the three stage phase system, we too have three stages in our life.

We enter this world like bundles of joy and simplicity.
Each protector strives hard to create a prototype who attains success.
But Alas! a prototype is a prototype and not all work.
Striving and enjoying we learn and move forward through our childhood phase.

Just like the approach to the solution of an integration problem,
We lead our own path and try to find a solution.
We constantly learn and thirst for knowledge.
After gaining enough experience, we unleash our lethal C.V and try to conquer.

Beyond a certain age variable, we tend to find ourselves in a continuous for loop.
With the body of the loop being nearly constant and incrementing age
In the realm of competition, the common man is driven mad as every program one writes tries to outdo the other.
Our stress and strain increase proportionally till our yield point is reached.

Finally our age variable reaches a point where we have to retire to peace.
Throughout our journey we have often ventured into the shadows of our past,
Often recollecting and retrospecting certain key decisions made.
But like all great softwares, we come to an end after passing on our legacy.

With little or no regret, the true freedom of peace is finally bestowed upon us.
And we lie beside our maker in total bliss.
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