Materials Matter

By: Stephen Blaxland (School of Materials)
Competition Year: 2014
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There are so many elements about and around,
We find them in the air, the sea and the ground.
Some of them are metals, and some are ceramics.
But how are they different? What adds this dynamic?
The answers electrons; they’re the source of it all.
And how they’re bound to a nucleus that is small.
The electrons configure – no need for a mess –
In shells that we call ‘s’, ‘p’, ‘d’ and ‘f’.
How the shells interact is what gives a rise
To the behaviour of matter - not only their size.
Electrical conductance - thermal as well!
Mechanical properties – does that ring a bell?
Opaqueness and colour, lest we forget.
All from electrons – there’s so much we get.
Materials matter, it helps us advance
Society forwards so give it a chance.
We need to research more, there’s so much we don’t know.
So pick up your microscope and give it a go.
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Haha great poem. Lovely soothing voice!
This, just.... this. For me no other "poem" in this competition comes close to this one in terms of expressing the true beauty and awe of our science. The clear winner
Stephen Blaxland:
Thanks. I was aiming for a fun poem about materials science, glad you enjoyed it so much.
Nicholas O'Meara:
What a meter! Dynamic and playful. A truly charming poem