Falling apart

By: Puteri Intan (School of Chemistry)
Competition Year: 2016
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We were both young,
When the song, in harmony, is sung,
As I set off the wall between us,
Even the shades of trees can feel the blast.

You are the best of friends,
In the world full of offense,
Whenever it makes me feel down,
You bury my frown in the frozen ground.

But at spring mending time, you finally got to go
It’s the day my apple trees, too, stand in sorrow,
The mischief in me, do burn it in the sun,
So no flaw in me, you can see one.

Sitting together on the upper boulders,
I cried all the heart on your shoulders,
The memories; I still see them beyond the hill,
Had the yelping dogs their claws, still cannot kill.

To seek your love, no work of hunters will do it,
Reminiscing about our days could just place me under it,
Treat time as just another kind of outdoor game,
So once again, you are then to say my name.
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