Little Girl

By: Nyamedo (School of Chemistry)
Competition Year: 2016
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Frightened little girl, sad and alone
Broken and in pieces, She’s lost all control
A laugh that comes instead of tears, a smile that hides the hurt
Inside She’s a castle, crumbling apart

Perfect little girl, praised and adored
Confused by expectations, She can barely breathe,
Love as pure as gold, hate like savage beasts
Juxtaposed in herself, who is She?

Kind little girl, gentle and polite
Always in control; calm, serene,
Thoughtfulness and helpfulness-what qualities!
At least make others happy, how hard can it be?

Naïve little girl, always looks for good
Blinded without reason; optimism flawed
Lies and deception, her trust misunderstood
Innocence is preyed upon-She’s labeled gullible

Cautious little girl, guarded; in a shell,
People-overrated, destined just to fail
Her heart protected by a wall, She can’t let you in
You’ll never be her failure; She’s far too well concealed

Obedient little girl, follow your marked path
Do as you are told, questions-do not ask,
Live up to their standards; prove that you’re of worth
Replace that blank look with a smile, just because you must. 

Broken little girl, scars don’t always fade,
Troubled deep within, where from all this pain?
Pretends She isn’t hurt, look her in the eye,
Explaining is impossible, this-we call it life.

Lonely little girl, who does She really have?
If failure’s guaranteed, then no one stays around,
She feels too deep, cares too much. Could She be loved that strong?
It’s hard to see that happening; unimaginable.

Uncertain little girl, how much longer does She have?
Shyness gets her nowhere, it simply holds her back
Live a little, loosen up-that’s what people say
She worries though and thinks too much; unsure of every step.

Strong little girl, She’s stronger than you know,
Maybe She’s the first to cry but those tears, She does not own
Falling tears, a rage unknown, a hate that’s so untamed
Her knuckles-how they know her wrath, her knuckles and her screams.

Smart little girl, knows She feels too hard,
People-unreliable, her passion elsewhere lies
No one is worth it, not worth going insane,
She buries herself in other things, things less capable of blame.

Numb little girl, feels just a shiver down her spine,
The mouth that boasts of her, is the very first to doubt
Utterly disconnected, truly paralyzed,
She takes all the critique; it makes her feel alive.

Fragile little girl, as foolish as could be,
Sometimes She gives up on life-no future can be seen.
Tired and worn out, what more can She do?
Her spirit is exhausted, consumed-there’s no more fuel.

Weary little girl, burdened by her past,
Memories that haunt her, uncontrollable relapse,
Her worthlessness-just ask that one, she’ll know just what She means.
Shattered from an early age, She grew amongst the thorns.

Strange little girl, cryptic little life,
Emotion cannot master her; She always wins the fight.
Is this the right way to live? Really, who can say?
She’s normal, just like anyone. I will not be derailed.
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