The Cost of War

By: Karambir Sidhu (School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Eng.)
Competition Year: 2016
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War; waged by Wolves
at the age of sixty
and fought by sheep
before age thirty.
Greed, power, the lust for more,
fuels the wicked machine that is war.
Whether blades and guns, sticks and stones,
all end with shattered dreams,

Old fools bicker to begin the fight.
Then the Blind are summoned to lose their sight.

Diamonds, land, drugs and oil,
paid in immortal blood spilt on Her soil.
Yet the Blind pursue to complete their quest,
and challenge their humanity to the ultimate test.

Breathe, comrade, and caress your gun.
Your hands are cold but they say warmth is to be won.

Darkness is released at the pull of a trigger.
Darkness; my friend. The all consuming figure.

Wars fought for years then ended in a day.
Both laid to rest and for both we pray.
Return, all those who went to die
so that your mothers, sisters and widows may cry.
Our prayers will reach the ears of every religion,
But where is God here and His jurisdiction?

They say He is present and in this, I believe,
but His seat in Heaven so high, He cannot leave.

This is the cost to pay, when a child of not even four
is found waiting alone outside His Kingdom's door.
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