Search the God

By: Huang Ze (School of Physics and Astronomy)
Competition Year: 2016
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I have searched the god
since I was born
when I saw the miracle,
the light above the head and the fire from the wood.
Worshiped to the Polaris, sacrifice on the altar,
wished I could be with you
after the doom.

I have searched the god
since I learnt to learn
when I wrote down the fist zero
and the equation of electron.
Disrupted the hydrogen bonds
to copy the gene
and found you are not here.

I have searched the god
since I walked out my home
when I hitchhiked Noah's ark
knocked on every door within my reach.
Increased my life to get more time, refit the ark to save more time,
assembled DNA to feel your feeling,
but cannot see your trace.

I have stopped searching the god
since I knocked one door
when I saw a creature with holy light
knelt to me
and called me God.
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