The Old Blue Bike

By: Cosimo Ligorio (School of Materials)
Competition Year: 2016
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Don't you remember,
in the middle of September,
when the clouds seemed to die,
and the sun left the sky?

We found the light and the speed,
on the blue bike in the breeze,
We found happiness and joy,
in the blue ancient toy.

In the storms and the wind we felt no pain,
the longest rides we did under rain,
It slept in the garden watching the night,
Awaiting the day, awating to fight.

Silent years ran, steel was corroded,
Electrons devoured, cations removed.
From the bikes to the trains,
no real peace is felt by metallic domains.
Electrochemical processes are marvelous,
Corrosion of metals is fast and ravenous,
Iron swords and armors did in the kingdom,
golden rings and crowns did it seldom.
New scratches are formed and reigns the rust,
Can you see how corrosion has eaten the past?

I bought the paint, I chose the blue,
I miss our rides in the peaceful avenue.
Let's remove together the rusted skin,
let's make our bike what it's really been.
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