They said I was too small

By: Dillon (School of Electrical and Electronic Eng.)
Competition Year: 2016
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My birth began at the heart of a dying star,
Born along many many others, we all took different paths.
Many alike and few very different we travelled, travelled to where?
Well, who cares?

My story began when I became part of what is known as life.
Billions of years pass by and I still don't know what I am.
Suddenly, I form part of a brain in a very smart creature in a very strange world
it is in this inquisitive brain in this peculiar world I figured out what I am.
I have decided to call myself an Atom.

This is where my legend began.
In a mere snapshot of time the species I formed part of took to the skies.

From the Great Pyramids of Giza to the Great Wall of China;
from the Hoover Dam of USA to the Steam Engine of the UK
I have written poetry that will give goosebumps and philosophy that will make you wonder
Architecture that will make your heart pause and art that makes you ponder
Capable of love and sentience... this sets me asunder.

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