One Type of Nerd

By: tragicnoodles (School of Mathematics)
Competition Year: 2016
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Don’t smile, don’t say hi
Never look me in the eye,
I’m an awkward maths geek
And apparently we do not speak

“The only nerds that do exist,
Are those that are always in the midst
Of equations and science things you see
No writing or philosophy”

But then I ask what do you think
The people are whose words they ink
And books they read and libraries seek
Are they not different types of geek?

From writing desks to laboratories
Encompassing every subject category
T o be a nerd just means you care
About something, so be aware

That nerds and geeks are all around
And across the board they can be found
So next time you see a science book
And judge it from just one quick look

Remember that from Brahe to Shakespeare
And Sinatra too
Everyone can be a nerd
Maybe even you.
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