A gaze of fiery eyes

By: Roman Krenick√Ĺ
Competition Year: 2012
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Emitting from my state of daze a gaze of fiery eyes,
I watch the ground, I watch the place, the days just pass me by.
Could change my grief, could change my fear what here well covered lies!
My mind a pit, redemption sought, each thought a muted cry.

Oh, sweet old days of ignorance from whence we drew our sap!
The time we spent together here, so dear this distant past,
Sweet was the bliss that tasted I, the wider now the ,
The look of those two fiery eyes, it hies, it could not last.

And as I stare, right in my sight a bright young tree has grown.
It branches into empty space, I face its tips, so near,
Just like it fills the space perhaps the gaps will disappear,
Tomorrow make the shadows cease, bring peace to call my own.

But hark! my heart, don't yet grow cold and hold your last goodbyes!
I see right through the leaves' thick maze a gaze of fiery eyes.
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