An Automotive Symphony

By: Adrian Harwood (Postgraduate Research Student)
Competition Year: 2012
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First there's a rumbling,
A low thundering grumbling,
A drum roll comes tumbling,
From a shiny exhaust.

As if out of nowhere,
A triumphant fanfare,
A horn blast in mid-air,
As your foot hits the gas.

A part for the choirs,
Nuts, struts and wires,
Springs, plugs and tyre,
The notes in between.

Some harm'ny adds class,
With both strings and brass,
Rubber wipers on glass,
Sound soothing in rain.

A melodious tune,
With what? A bassoon?
A bright red saloon,
Hums round the bend.

Close crashing with cymbal,
And tapping of timbal,
Those brakes must be nimble,
To halt us with ease.

The symph'ny complete then,
At least work of ten men,
My question is where? When?
It'll showcase for all.

It's debut hits quota,
So turn off the motor,
A pump slows its rotor,
To rapturous applause.
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