Relatively Everything

By: James Denton
Competition Year: 2012
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Strange dancers amid the twilight
Orbiting planets held alight
Elliptically rotating above
Invisible hands that hold the dove

Like a coin thrown in a wishing well
On a spiral helter-skelter
Drawn into space-time’s infinite knell
A burst of white from an absence of light
From a supermassive we all rotate
Held by a force nothing can sate

Arms stretch across unfathomable space
Grip on the moon’s face
Fingernails digging in
Pulling tugging down
The moon hugs back pulls pools
Effects our tide
Holds the entire planet on its side

A frozen feather and a frosted hammer
Fall down to the iridescent ground
Fall together, rise dust cloud
In the cold void of space makes no sound
As a starry flag becomes a shroud

A constant wash of sand
Little balls in a loosening band
A stream of particles, specks of dust
Relate and collate
Come together form a globe
Upon which is placed invisible hope

Effectively everything effected
By this force of mass’ invention
To it we owe our very existence
It began with an apple
And ends with a…..
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