By: Michael Asghar (first year chemistry)
Competition Year: 2012
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I am born,

Born of flesh, blood and bone
Bleeding blood as I grow bold
Being told what to believe
Only beauty I can see
In every building, book or bond
Bridges, birds and every dawn

Finding love on the first day
Fundamentally cliché
Equilibrium one-way
Bond forever from today

Lewis acids, basic truths
Turns out resonance is screwed
Catabolic or ionic
Electronic CATATONIC!

Lunch on the 6th, University place
Manchester below, freezing cold empty space
Many arms of steel, cradle trees of glass
Raining every day, why not snow for a laugh

A heart does beat in science
Chiral carbon, active site
Not just good old haemoglobin
Forming everything in life

Our show must still go on
Beauty being brought along
Brightly lighting theory string


The once and future king
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