By: Richard Harrison (2nd year Civil Engineer)
Competition Year: 2012
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Disturbance shatters formlessness;

Pries all from nothing’s embrace

Drawing shadow from light

Shape from space


The ellipse conveys point to line

The triangle, line to plane

Now purpose:

The arch, reaching into the distance

Searching for confirmation

Opposing shores united

Ideas connected into thoughts.

Just as humanity itself is found in spiraling clouds

So the Engineer finds humanity in the fruits of earth cycles

Connecting them

Making them familiar

Bending them to human will

Forces transformed ‘to desires

Pillars of rock into reaching arms and sturdy legs

The hand, through steel and concrete

Caresses the sky

Harnesses the wild flow

The familiar face, a glint in its eye

Staring reflectively into the sun

Within, thoughts of plan and purpose.

So, the structures of all humanity

Are cast forceful and bold by the Engineer

The two cultures only one

In flesh and stone.
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