By: Andrew Jarnuczak
Competition Year: 2012
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He was taken in because his brain waves were like a solar storm
Feedback loops between the cortex and the thalamus
Didn’t stop for a couple of days making us all tired
Intellectual experiment gave us the genome,
Not so much different to Drosophila melanogaster
The enormous complexity of his organs and cells wasn’t a problem
We isolated all the proteins, broke the peptide bonds, synthesised oligonucleotides
DNA contact map was lightning up with untangled chromatin
Clusters for secondary metabolite production were firing signals
Lying on the silver bench, batching in chemicals, one and all left
Next meeting it was obvious we couldn’t save him
Like a child trying to understand the meaning of a mysterious black box
Gradually taking it apart and examining each bit one by one
All the parts eventually lying on the table
Not making any sense.

We had everything
But missed his Soul
And he wasn’t anymore.
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