By: Alex Nyarko (Msc.PMSE.)
Competition Year: 2012
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We knew you most, by your concept;
The conservation of matter.
Born in the city of Paris
A barrister of repute, with a love for science, yet a tax collector.
A man of many talents;
You showed them how to light their streets.
Your brilliant mind, gained you a place in the history of Science.
Indeed, Lavoisier, you gave life to modern day CHEMISTRY.

Touted as the father of BIOLOGY.
You tutored the ‘Great Alexander’
A native of northern Greece,
Your beautiful mind was moulded in Plato’s Academy
Your remarkable talent of observation,
Propelled your interest in the nature of living things and in anatomy.
Aristotle, your name will forever be etched in the annals of history.

You proposed the theory of Kinematics
And improved the telescope to view the planets.
You gave us an idea of the solar system,
And informed us about how it looks.
They hated you for this, and killed you,
But your works continue to live,
On the pages of books and in the minds of critics
Galileo, the father of PHYSICS.
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