By: Biser Milanov
Competition Year: 2012
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Let me tell you a story that set us apart,
into one camp -- science, and one called art.
Artists argued that although they were smart,
scientists did not provide enough for the heart --
"Useful for humanity? Yes!
But more important is art at its best."

However artists are wrong as you shall see,
Science is beautiful as much as art can be.
In the shades of equations lies divine symmetry.
The natural world described formally,
reflects human expression and creativity.

Science is also inspiration,
a legacy to every new generation,
to explore the questions that the last one has set.
Expand, redefine and most importantly -- commit
Because without desire no goal can be met.

So I conlude that
science is both inspiring and beautiful in fact,
and if this doesn't provide enough for the heart,
you can go back again to your other so-called art.
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