Theoretical Physicist

By: Paramjeet Singh
Competition Year: 2012
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No plans to move on,
I’m here its dusk i am here its dawn.
A relative frame does show me in motion,
Alas that doesn’t alter the rate of corrosion.

Like a singularity in time and space,
Defeated by gravity and universal expansion ways.
A useless neutron star emitting no light,
Or a dumb black hole, negation of bright.

Not always the same a different species I was,
A great theory I had, for which a conference I called to applause.
The theory I presented was critically commented,
Hundreds of greats laughed, i felt offended.

Disproving the uncertainty principle was my goal.
Space-time can be twisted to form a worm hole.
Couldn’t find a connection between the two thoughts,
As universal truths and theories are different lots.

Thoughts and knowledge approached a new infinitesimal.
My new identity is a short order decimal.
It was a dragon i had tried to tame
The world of mine ended in shame

I'll now let bright desired illuminate the stage.
What tied my steps has broken the cage.
For I have now over overcome the corrosion,
With determination to recreate the correct proportions.
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