There's a Rainbow in my Room

By: Siddharth Mundeja
Competition Year: 2012
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There is a Rainbow in my room,
and I hold it in my hand.

Vivid as its source itself, every vacancy it invades,
filling its periphery with vibrant spectral shades.

Illuminated by the imagination of my God, ‘Sun, the Great’,
its magnificence amazes the mankind at an intemperate rate.

Brief as a bubble hovering in rain,
Capture its beauty and bliss, else it’ll drain.

Glorious as a Gem, it garnishes the romance,
lying secretly in middle of a gentle colour dance.

Youthful since the dawn of time, ethereal it always will be,
swallowing all your dullness and boredom; its only duty.

Obsession of the greats; of immortal imaginations it forms a part,
as an inverted acronym Vibgyor, it resides in every heart.

Rare it might be to you, but it visits me every day,
that’s just a benefit of believing in the God I pray.

There is a Rainbow in my room,
and I tell you no lie.
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