Jekyll and Hyde

By: electricalengineer01
Competition Year: 2013
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His face gibbous in the long midnight shadows. Lip curling or smiling, unknown.
A glint in his eye, reflecting the lamplight. Honey and danger in his gravelly tone.
‘Come closer’ he murmurs, both Jekyll and Hyde, voice sapient and self-possessed.
But the lineaments of a silhouette leave too much that can be guessed.

A grainy picture is formed on low exposure one photon at a time, Planick’s constant made visible.
As in the photoelectric effect, each electron is released; finite, whole and indivisible.
Then from white light through Young’s two slits, a rainbow intense and clear is made.
Art from interference; diffraction around slit edges as wave laws are obeyed.

In the same way, if you were to shout Jekyll to Hyde in a busy crowd he would slowly turn to meet your eye.
Turn your back and he will open a door beneath your feet, watch logic fall awry.

In one man there is violence in his silence and eye of storm calm.
The other, heavy with remorse and for the hurt he is the balm.
One second, travelling as a wave, another, traits impart.
The Jekyll and Hyde particles with a Janis heart.
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