Earth’s Lamentation

By: Laura (School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Eng.)
Competition Year: 2014
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On the first day man looked around and was dissatisfied, so he raised his hand
And killed all the creatures that had roamed the land.

On the second morn man gazed about and was overcome by greed,
So he poisoned the seas to fulfil his desperate desperate need.

On the third day man stared at his earth with pitiless eyes,
And chose to slaughter the birds and destroy the skies.

On the fourth sunrise man observed the world and was displeased by the sight,
So he slew the forests and the fields as he felt it was his right.

On the fifth day man stood upon the earth that he had thought was his to plunder,
And discontent with what he saw tore the ground asunder.

On the sixth dawning man stood in all his might,
And turned his face towards the sky as he blotted out the light.

And now it is the Sabbath day and man lies in his grave.
In memory of the good bright world, that he had made his slave.
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