By: Laz
Competition Year: 2013
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We made pi as easy as pie
but have yet to fully resolve it
The sky's the limit
but yet we have already touched it.
Our minds, anything but ordinary.
Visionaries indeed.
The future is an ever growing tree
and innovation is the seed.

If we see through Galileo’s machine of glass,
things become clearer.
As it is written in the stars
that we are the wayfarers
Sitting isolated, studying the doctrines and scriptures,
It is with our pens, we pave a path to the future.

We look to our predecessors for inspiration.
But who are these men indeed?
Visionaries of their generations
who paint with the blood they bleed,
The builders of today,
They set the foundation for tomorrow,
So how then do we lose our way?
When it is their path we follow

We screw the nuts and bolts
that keep things running.
So we can mix up the chemicals
that keep new things forming.
Under-appreciated? Yes. It does seem funny.
But a fair price we pay to keep the world turning.

In advancements in arts, science and media,
we follow a path set up within the galaxy, Andromeda.
Made by falling stars who rose again,
made for the enlightenment and not for fame.
Today, This path lights the way
as great men and women are born again.
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