By: pukethunder
Competition Year: 2013
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Beware this parasite it takes the form of many,
In minds they lurk and wreak havoc without mercy.
It feeds on your strength both physically and mentally,
Its insatiable hunger can change you entirely.
Little is known about this pest we fear,
But one thing we know, it is called IDEA.

In entrepreneurs, they take the form of market expansion;
In scientists, they take the shape of unascertained theory.
Finally, the engineers most susceptible to such infection,
As in these minds, the pest can take the form of any.

Inside the infected mind of an engineer,
Theory, practice and profit all matter here.

Some may find fulfillment in the wonders of theorizing,
An engineer will never settle for what could happen,
Only through implementation can he at last find satisfaction.
Scientists may be the dreamers hoping for progress,
Engineers are still the realists achieving that vision.

I was once told that scientists and engineers,
Are similar to that of astronauts and astronomers.
But I’d say if that is the case,
Astronauts would know the profit of expeditions to space.

Since the dawn of man, this parasite was born,
Resilient and contagious, like wildfire it spread.
Never has it ceased in its quest for knowledge and perfection.

It sees not the despair of its unfortunate hosts,
Only the beauty of perfection that is yet to come.
Beware this parasite as it will never rest,
And who knows, you might even be next.
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