Reflections of a hopeless romantic or existential nihilist

By: sohereweareinthedark
Competition Year: 2013
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As much as I try
to see life from your point of view
I know I can never feel
anything but love for you
because there is a lens in my eye
and it’s obscuring what’s real

And the days rolled on by
your occasional smile
was the only brightness in my life
I guess I’m in denial
Look out the window with a sigh
We all bow down to our heart’s strife

And as I think it seems
life presents a painful dichotomy
an empty thinker or a happy fool
As I shut my eye’s I begin to see
life’s too short to fulfill our dreams
but too long not to dream at all

At times I’ll throw my hands in the air
chant the mantra of the modern age
'Be happy and live for now' they say
'Forget pain and contradiction: you have a wage
No morality or meaning, but what pretty hair'
and as I fall to my knees, the light once in me fades away

Now, everything changes as the storm has passed
Illuminating the shadow life once cast
Here I’ve met my Samuel
We softly embrace as I realise
the sun will rise; the sun will fall
whether you smile or shut your eyes
So even if there’s an irony intertwined
love and thought can share a mind.
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