The Watcher

By: indy
Competition Year: 2013
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He tilted his head upwards.
He tilted his head and filled up his eyes
And listened keenly to the sound of the night
For echoes of the sky above.

All around him were familiar sights
Nestled in the sighs of the wind.
The Hunter, the Lion, the Serpent, the Bears
And the Maiden with the fairest hair were all there

Had always been there.

Many more beyond them, he knew just as well.
Fruits of patience, potential pinpricks
Upon the sky - or upon his imagination?
For in his mind he saw the most dazzling lights

He heard the most savage roars
Did his sensors lie? No - numbers don't.
Yet all that remains is the slightest shimmer
Or the faintest whisper.

But he sees. And he watches.
And for a flickering moment the Universe is his.
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