Her Eyes

By: NN
Competition Year: 2013
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Of all the visions I have seen, one haunts me to this day:
Two pretty eyes of emerald green with just a hint of gray.
I travelled far to distant lands across mountain and sea
But still these eyes, when I close mine, are all that I can see.

Of all the mysteries I've known unanswered to remain
And all the riddles in my mind I tried to solve in vain,
The truths about the universe I' m tempted to discover,
Only the answer to this 'How?' I wish I could uncover:

How come - despite the space and time between these eyes and me-
I yearn each night to fall asleep again with them to be,
I long for just one more time their beauty to behold
Even if this is the last thing I do upon this world?
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