Wretched is he to whom Science is unknown (Sonnet I)

By: Matthew De Angelis
Competition Year: 2013
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Wretched is he to whom Science is unknown

For in all its omnipotence truth is shown

And the awesomeness of Nature in all its might

Unfolds unto us to delight and excite.

For Science, indeed, in itself is an art

'Tis a language, 'tis music and doth impart

Knowledge but revealed to a certain few

Who possess the talent and thus can pursue.

To test, to experiment, relentless are we

In our quest, our yearning to learn so to see;

More powers of Science are to be newfound

Behold years of discovery, more to astound!

From falsehood and fiction in glory withstands

As we aim to hold science in the palm of our hands.
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