Windows to the World

By: Sebastian Leaper (School of Chemical Eng. and Analytical Science)
Competition Year: 2018
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Windows to the World
Frame and seek
The mystery that in the darkness waits.
Without a care
For the Fall
Or certain tumble that besmirches them.
For as long as method guides,
Obscurity abates.

Windows to the World
Grind and creak
Like the machinery they have revealed.
Though how unfair
‘Tis to call
Such sculpting of rocks mere revelation.
For without the grind, these rocks’
Entropic fate is sealed.

Windows to the World
Probe and stoke
The coal fires that warm their mothers’ wombs.
‘Truth is Freedom!’
They’ll say, for
Generations who’ll think and make this so.
But fires freed can end worlds
And melt their unglazed tombs.

Windows to the World
Catch the light
Unmarred by the sceptic’s hovering eyes.
Rare. And above the auspices of Guilt,
They continue outwardly
To open up the skies.
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