Destiny or Quantum Probability

By: María S Poncela (School of Physics and Astronomy)
Competition Year: 2018
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No one knows what future awaits,
no one knows what path life is following.
No one knows if their lives are being pulled by the so called destiny,
or maybe by the will of some God.

Here is what I think:
we all may behave as particles,
and might as well have a wave function associated,
thus satisfy Schrödinger’s equation indeed.

Our life and actions are now a big uncertainty ahead of us,
they come to be a probability of happening,
and only when the future becomes present
our lives collapse in the one state lived.

Easy and difficult as this, is how life behaves.
Now the question is: what happened with the other possibilities?
Fairly, they had their chance to occur,
nor can two states be true at the same time.

Mysterious and overwhelming is thinking how life would have been if a different state was to be,
but Schrodinger’s cat can only be dead and alive when the box is closed.
However, no one knows if life does actually collapse in all possibilities,
each in a different universe.
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