A corn in popcorns

By: Hassan Ali Abid (School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Eng.)
Competition Year: 2017
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Listen up I've got something to say,
I fell into a well is not all I want to convey,
I assumed I would've sunken and died,
Rather on the hard ground I lied.
In a flash of light
Everything was different in my sight
My gaze wondered for grass and stone,
But to my surprise all I saw was completely unknown.
Mountains pruned sheer
Glittering like water, yet so near
my eyes laid on people wearing something thick and tight
They were like me, but we weren’t alike
They didn’t seem to notice how I had appear
With my furry outfit and my wooden spear 
One thing I made out of the situation was that
There was chaos and tenseness whomever I look at

I started walking inch by inch
My steps fell upon a surface, hard as rock, smooth as milk/silk
The Whole universe must have turned upside down, 
As it felt like I was crossing the sky on cloudy night after dawn
 what I saw afterward
To which I was heading towards
A moving rock with rolling feet,
Carrying many people at high speed
Although they were in its stomach
 they were alive, by their luck
I wanted to rescue and set them free
But before I could do anything, it was right in front of me
It hit me hard and I crashed 
As an ant that has been smashed
I threw my body on the ground
Darkness covered my eyes and then I cud hear no sound

I got up like a shooting star,
Couldn’t figure out what had happened so far.
There was pain everywhere
I’d never dare to come back here
Now scene was different altogether
A small place covered with the color of pigeon feathers
Then my spirit almost fell dead
When I saw moons dangling upon my head

Next to me was a woman so bright
But curios to know why I was so amazed to see the lights
I busted in tears spitting out everything from my heart
Cracking a laughter, the oldie then revealed the truth from its start
Whatever I saw were things that were supposed to make their life comfortable
but more they have contributed to make it sufferable
Machines have transformed a part of them into dull slots
While others are busy in discovering way beyond my thoughts
People are hustling for time, which they call as money
No matter how much of it they have, they are so canny
Work is their life while Relationships are put aside
And I can digest how poisonous drugs can give them pride?

After all the years of chasing and fighting
Nothing she has gained, now she’s realizing
With life extension drugs, she’s lying on ventilator
Praying for death as she can’t find a single reason to life for.
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