Mancunian Word Engineers

By: Asim.S (School of Chemical Eng. and Analytical Science)
Competition Year: 2017
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We are Mancunian word engineers
Give us impossible dreams and we’ll pioneer the solutions
Composing numbers into systems that inspire revolutions
We light up the world with our contributions
Literally, thanks Tesla

You might have been sat, in a rather empty room,
Had Manchester not cried out its industrial boom,
The motors hummed and cogs ticked all to the tune,
To the birth of the industry!
Chemicals, motor cars and the stuff we put in our spoons
I like coco pops with cold milk, what about you?

We explore the universe, from electrons to floating space rocks
Seriously, I literally aspire to be Brian Cox
Even after brain dead lectures, and hours of staring at the clocks
Sorry that line was too good to leave out
Unlike question 4 on the exam -sigh-

Its 3 am and I really need to sleep
My report is a mess and I have no inspiration
Seriously, the only thing that’s is full are my armpits
Full of perspiration
And so with this next stanza I’ll summarize this narration

Imagine Newton ate the apple instead of creating calculus,
Or Einstein didn’t propose ideas that were relatively mad to us,
Rutherford didn’t split the atom, and that science was passionless
Oh how far the stars would seem
If the brave ones had never dared to dream

That poem was a lot like my last report, mostly jargon but that last paragraph was good eh?
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