Ode to the NHS

By: Jonathan (School of Electrical and Electronic Eng.)
Competition Year: 2017
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O NHS, NHS yes it's true
I'd like to chant an ode to you
For without you I'd certainly be
In a lot more debt for a Ph.D.

A few weeks ago I first encountered you
In a ward called A&E
X-rays! Tests! And round the clock care
At a cost of nothing to me

Your nurses, kind and helpful
Your doctors skilled and stern
Though they tested and they tested
There was so much more about me to learn

As the hours elapsed
Their interest peaked
But the results did not impress
When I thought they'd seen enough, there seemed more of me to test

I was flattered by their curiosity
But truly somewhat perturbed
Yet I accepted their VIP treatment
And hardly said a word

We exchanged a "Please" and "Thank You"
"Lunch?" "Yes, sure"
"Excuse me nurse do you have a charger?"
"Apple?" "Yes, but no core."

Eventually the results won out
But my mind was not at ease
28 hours and no prognosis...
NHS, you are a tease!

Before I left I picked up a card
And I rated you 9 out of 10
NHS I owe you my life
But I hope I never see you again!
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