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By: maalek (School of Electrical and Electronic Eng.)
Competition Year: 2017
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As I look beyond to ages past
I wonder, distressed: How long will we last?

The ever-engulfing continuum of time
Will surely age the young and prime

And render obsolete graduation and might
And demolish all pleasures and blind all sight

For what is life but endless strife?
Which death shall cease and pain entice

We live to eat and sleep then die
And study to work to earn to comply

From Maxwell’s equations and Newton’s laws
To Kirchoff and Einstein, Tesla and Bohr

So far we have come, so much we perceive,
Though what we have gathered is but a drop amongst seas

For knowledge is vast, its secrets untamed
And what lies in wait is sure to be claimed

So on with your equations, so fun and dear,
And rush to your lectures, be they far or near,

And study and learn to attain what you yearn
But also seek duly that greater concern

Think not the world a grail to be sought
But the means to an end, so be not distraught

Seek pleasure in knowledge and dare to be wise
Help make a difference: to the challenge, rise

In divergent thoughts you will find innovation,
Not accepted norms which require renovation

The admonitions are many and the words too few,
The time too soon and death so true,

For what can words but endless words
Induce of change or lift a curse

The curse of ignorance, the sorrow it brings
Will inspire the brave who dare to have wings

Wings which will fly far higher than the stars
And nurture this world and heal all scars

May sincerity and action lead all to success
Success which induces our lives to fluoresce

For death and life, we love and loathe
Seek within each that treasure trove
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