By: Okechukwu Ubi (School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Eng.)
Competition Year: 2017
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Science, technology; they have evolved.
Tools made of stone, wood, antlers and bones, millions of years ago;
The Hyperloop, supercomputers, nanotechnology, now.
Nothing yet compares to the human brain – humanity.

Science, technology; they have grown in leaps and bounds.
Humanity, it has grown on lips and in bits.

Years of research, development, learning and unlearning from failures,
Birthed Availability, Reliability and Maintainability (ARM) of machines.
These, successfully built into machines by humans.
Machines, now seemingly invincible and outright dependable…
… they yet struggle to replace humanity.

Humanity requires our ARM!
Like an arm,
Available by extension, Reliable by cohesion, Maintainable by interrelation
We need to be an arm and ARM for humanity.
I could’ve given anything,
I can give something…
Here, my ARM!
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Nice one !!
Jyoti sinha:
Great one by Reliability Engineering (REAM) student!
Fantastic!!! Nothing can be more poetic. Good job Ubi
Asad Mohammed:
Nice Ubi
Yahaya Ibrahim:
Nice one, I gave my arm also
Eduardo Gomez:
Awesome! Thanks for express our commitment!
Gata Joseph Ayemi:
That's Great
Simon Edwards 7:
Well done Ubi very nice poem
Ester griffine: