Energy Mix

By: Ines (School of Earth and Environmental Sciences)
Competition Year: 2017
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The men began to build in the summer of 2007,
At the time, visiting family, age of eleven,
My sister just the age of five,
Pointed at the structures standing high,
“What is that?”, I did not know,
Giant flowers, blooming hills

We asked our father, what they were,
One day girls, the light in our home,
The trains to your schools,
Will be powered by the wind,
Rotating blades, generating electricity,
Tall white towers, modern windmills

Now twenty years old, flying home, there they are, waving at me,
With each rotation, a warm hello,
As the plane lands, the houses glow,
Some hate their presence, “wasted land! What an eye sore!”
Others staring, standing in awe,
Cleaner power, expectations to fill

Cars drive fast, filled with petrol,
Showers run hot, sun warmed water,
Generations are born, our childrens futures,
Technology develops, growing nations,
The challenge we face; an energy mix,
Giant flowers, blooming hills?
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