In the crowd

By: Francesca Casaburi (School of Physics and Astronomy)
Competition Year: 2017
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I would dare to say
there is nothing more beautiful
than staring at you
trying to find me in the crowd.
Crowded, as a whisper of soft
confused, remote sounds.

There is nothing sadder than
watching you
in that maze of arms and smiles
trying to find me in the crowd.

I guess I will let that thin
edgy glance worry
a bit more.
Your thin arms
disclose a Weakness
that doesn’t belong to you.

Don’t you see me?
I am behind you.

You find me, you watch me
you scar me
and suddenly I have no
more words to say.

Those words, they were
the only key to my soul
my weapon, my rose,
I have lost them all.
But this game of silent answers
is everything
I was looking for.
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