Warm Embrace

By: Stefan Lines (School of Chemical Eng. and Analytical Science)
Competition Year: 2017
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My bed hugged me tight,
Alarm sounds fractured the fabric of 7am fog and morning dew
I only felt to snooze
Laziness introduced itself to me as a man in a white suit
Well... Lab coat
My mind screamed "it's not okay,
You're laying here wasting away
Waving goodbye to everyday"
I listened to this lecture,
But my bed hugged me tight
With all its might
And told me everything would be alright,
"Just ease your mind"
My bed spoke truths that made me feel like I was infinite
"Time cannot control those who transcend it,
You were born the son of nebulae
There's galaxies inside your family trees
And every picture of you photosynthesises memories,
You are stardust
And you can shine brighter than suns if you will it
You carry an aura similar to the aurora borealis
You have talents that could crash into planets
And turn monasteries to sand
And all the truth you'll ever need is in the palm of your hands
You are stardust
You crash and burn
Create and learn
Live and die
Desire, yearn
You are more than empty words
You are a museum of the history of every world and every flame of passion that made man achieve greatness
You are man, the pinnacle is where you stand..
But Greatness needs sleep, so close your eyes and trust me"
Needless to say I listened keen
My beds sweet talk was smooth and clean
I know I'm great from birth til dead
So I'll press snooze, and rest my head.
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Dragos Matei:
By far one of the best poems this year