Cider & Calculations

By: Can9amsNotExist (School of Electrical and Electronic Eng.)
Competition Year: 2017
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The ball of mistakes joins its friends in the grey cage,
Despite all the stereotypes my aim isn't a complete outrage.
Starting afresh, new page and my calculator reset,
I begin the calculations, wondering if it's breakfast time yet.

Numbers amongst symbols scattered between letters,
I've forgone smart clothes, for joggers and sweaters.
Old takeaway by my side, a can of cider in front,
The late nights merge as I scribble down answers with a grunt.

How does one word an email to say "I don't understand?",
Being an engineer doesn't give me all answers at hand.
May I also point out, I'm not a handyman or electrician,
I can't fix everything even with all my tuition.

Oh and yes I'm a girl thanks for pointing that out,
I may be a minority but that's changing no doubt.
The old stereotypes of engineers just aren't right,
Though I'll admit I prefer my dark room to sunlight.
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