Purpose of Knowing

By: January (School of Chemical Eng. and Analytical Science)
Competition Year: 2017
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It's true that when you go to the pub
It's easier to get some mating relations
When instead of the Bernoulli Equations
You do know of human courtship's nub

And when you will have a leaking pipe
I also agree that its fluid regime
As your place starts to be a new river's stream
Won't help in a problem of this type

But as an engineer you are the one
Who develop a beer processing plant
Which will make all those people so drunk
That it will increase sick leave across the whole of Britain

And this is your normal and daily job
To not mess with cartographers and maps
By creating modern rivers from the scraps
when a pipe makes a sudden pressure drop

Because we, Engineers, are the ones
Who keep pushing the World
And you can have my word
We will ensure that tomorrow comes.
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