A poem about us

By: Nikola (School of Computer Science)
Competition Year: 2016
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Countless pieces shattered at random.
Between them voids of immense size.
In the vast a pale blue dot,
a pale blue dot where giants rise.

Giants is what we name ourselves,
Gods are what we strive to be,
yet when said we rose from apes,
some of us still disagree.

We live in a realm where ignorance is bliss,
where the poor are more generous than the rich,
where the ethics is overwhelmed by greed,
and shall our egos be touched, our skins will itch.

We look in the sky and dream of worlds,
yet pay no attention of havocking our own.
We die in wars waged over petty lands,
only to avail the ambitions of the throne.

Violence we fear, but practice for fun.
Inspire it for the skin being black or white.
We argue if your god is better than mine,
thus we retrogress and fail to unite.

And as long as we discern gay as foul,
and a man sees a woman unequal,
the dream of liberty will not prevail,
leaving mankind without a sequel.

But then there is what we call human,
we help each other in times of need,
sacrifice own joy for our loved ones,
only hoping they’ll pursue our creed.

And then life will forge a mountain,
hang it on our fragile souls.
They might break, but heal again,
stronger to attain our goals.

When we’re hit, we harden up.
After fall, we rise again.
On the verge, we adapt.
Never to expire in vain.

Tomorrow the sun will shine anew,
the world will keep living on.
Solely if we persist the hits,
dim eyes will see the oblivion.
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