Hypercubic Shadow

By: K. Arveent (School of Chemical Eng. and Analytical Science)
Competition Year: 2016
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I used to fly in four dimensions
streaking back and forth from strings and planes
with what was only dreamt intentions
then thought to be uncharted lanes
that lie waiting in hopes of a traveller there passing
shall wander down one snaking deeper into
temporal caverns, each tensor harassing
each flexion amassing such thoughts to pursue
the crossing of paths of particular waves
that meet in time with relative ease
such as to palpitate a heart that craves
recurring to functions at higher degrees
yet gravitating light has blinded me so
such that all I saw were massive distortions
for measurements made in lensed faint glow
have made me digress into painful contortions
such that time now flows in it's wanton ways
mocking me in whiles of entropic reversal
yet also drawing parallels with projected rays
while clouding the instant of photonic dispersal.
To float in seas of murmurs unseen
with light that flows from directions unknown
casting shadows too deep in a membranous screen
of a hypercube so strategically sewn
into the existence of this monotone.
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2 deep for me, good work!
K. Arveent:
I fear this poem might seem unnecessarily complicated but it was made to be so to better show how emotions escalate during extreme periods of self-loathing reflection. When reading this poem one has to be careful not to stem oneself from going deep into the meaning of each word present. The physical concepts and intricate sentence construction here are to represent the complex thoughts and wants once present during a period in time in which the subject of the poem fell for a girl who ultimately rejected him and the overall feel of it is one of lost love and regret over the stupidity of past actions and thoughts and also a muted depression in the present. I do not wish to condescend so will not explain the entirety of it, nor did I ever intend to when writing it, but I'd rather it be known that this poem has a lot more meaning than just a jumble of similar sounding science-y words, though it may seem so at first. It's not an easy read but I guess most of the fun in reading it is deciphering what it ultimately means to arrive at a conclusion more jarring than once thought.