Thoughts of a Dying Atheist

By: RichardT (School of Chemical Eng. and Analytical Science)
Competition Year: 2016
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You are a chip of toenail on the foot of a crawling beast
who wonders down the trail of time by path of resistance least
so kick and scream into the night you'll never have your way
oh wonder on ye mighty beast there is no break of day

It rears its head about to look behind from whence it came
but the marks of its own footprint times hands rush in and claim
for the past it owes you nothing and nothing it will pay
but one shouldn't be offended if there is no break of day

Deviant views are torn off by the beasts great twitching claws
and so your base convictions are those the beast affords
be about your fathers business and upon this earth you'll stay
it doesn't matter how you die there is no break of day

Each miracle of new life is the clumsy step of fate
into a generation it can more easily sedate
so innocent so unaware these laughing children play
this innocense from ignorance will soon fade away
In the end we all will learn there is no break of day

An atom divided cannot stand, the beast will tear itself apart
in the course of an eternity it will be forgotten in the dark
until then raise your eyes to view celestial array
and then it will not matter that there is no break of day
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