The Power we hold

By: Aine Palmer (School of Chemical Eng. and Analytical Science)
Competition Year: 2016
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Wake up, wake up and realise
We are one stone skip from Paradise
Condemning mistakes then waste, waste, waste
Trying for perfection forever in haste
Captured by some made up lives
In virtual worlds that hypnotise
Paranoid from Big Brother spies
The truth is free and cooked in lies
Look back, look back, we always do
And speculate futures already true
What other plan should we devise
Than to make Earth our paradise
But our actions do not follow suit
Hedonistic ways make a wasteful brute
Still our seeking nature shines through
As a children’s poem remains to prove
For curiosity killed the cat
But satisfaction brought it back
Then information made him fat
And wanting more, there he sat
Schrödinger put it in a box
Now we have a box that talks
A box for light, for sound, for fun
There could be a box for everyone
Install, scroll, click and win the game
Forget about life whilst chasing fame
The constant Earth, the Sun and tides
We’d use their help if we were wise
As Nature does we imitate
Parent and child it is innate
The land for us is always there
Providing what we forget to share
So forget that blog, post, video, tweet
Feel blessed for freedom and the food you eat
Now realise the power that you hold
Is more than just talking across the globe
It’s the speed of thought inside the mind
Create or destroy or choosing to be kind
It’s finding the answers when no one else cares
Or exploring a maze when no one else dares
It’s not saving random strangers or winning the lotto
It’s helping one mother care for children of tomorrow
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