Of the joys and happiness of the scientist

By: Mahery (School of Computer Science)
Competition Year: 2016
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It is the gift of men that they would choose
Rather than ignorance, the light and fire
That truth, reason and science can spark and sire
Which shreds the darkness of ages long gone, a noose
That is no less mortal than those of old.
Knowing, learning, and all the things we’re told
Our endeavors, those hours spent deciphering our books
Are riches of the poor, the highs of the lowest,
Turn cowards into braves, seeds into a forest,
Make kings from slaves, broaden our outlooks .
Not knowing is a sickness, and science its remedy,
Understanding a cure, illiteracy a tragedy.
How wonderful is the world to a man privy to its secrets?
What weapons could stand against knowledge? Bullets?
There is nothing to fear, for we stand on the shoulders of giants
All of us are knights of principles, champions of truth, heralds of wisdom,
All of us are drops of water, overwhelming, flowing into torrents.
All of us are bricks, gathered into temples, raised into a kingdom.
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