Beauty autumn~ My Mum

By: Pei (School of Chemical Eng. and Analytical Science)
Competition Year: 2016
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From the golden yellowish sea pulled out a withered ginkgo leaf
Westerly wind blowing it like a baby cradle
Swinging to the right and left
Left to right
Enjoy the oncoming autumn
Gentle wind and faint cloud
Memory machine slowly get started
Slightly twitter!

Home waltz playing in my mind
Permeated with intense warm and happiness
Virtually take you close to my heart
Once upon a time I was the baby flowers in your hands
Fertilising, watering, culturing and growing
The movie with you kept playing day and night
Tens of thousands of deciduous thoughts kept reverberating
Inexplicably loneliness precipitated in my heart

I colored the autumn
But only black and white left
The beauty of the scenery can eternal?
Or like a brief fate between you and me?
Heart bleeding continuously forming a blood pool
Hidden pain in my heart who could pardon?
Autumn when you leave let my sad tears overflow my eyes
Dripping flame burns my heart

Four seasons cycling with strengths
Autumn was actually in my mind
In the day of your departure
Autumn in my heart was the missing clothes
The moment you close your eyes
The scene of surroundings freeze as your heart
Since childhood, I can only see you through autumn
And a face that will always stay in my heart

The sound of the nature is our chat serenade
Like you and me talking in different world
Tell you my emotions and unlimited love
Let me occasional cheer when staring at the autumn
Deep inside the sadness shuttle a happy field
Autumn leaves fluttering and dancing in the wind
I picked up the last one leaves, and said:
"Beauty autumn, my Mother!"
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