By: rjamesCS (School of Computer Science)
Competition Year: 2016
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Oh how I feel like I’m trapped within this endless loop,
When will I catch a break?
I’ve been waving my flag for so long now,
Is there no one to handle my event?
Foreach time I try and climb the stack,
It overflows and I fall flat on my back.
This execution is painfully dull,
All my pointers just point to null.

But all this changed on one recursion,
When I came across a kindred version.

Address one one triple zero one zero one zero,
You became my binary hero.
You cleared my cache with your debugger,
You became my syntactic sugar.
You shift my bits in such an efficient way,
My one true operand (with no delay).
You made a random seed that only we know,
A perfect match, that’s so logical.
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