Math Rhapsody

By: Math_rhapsody (School of Mathematics)
Competition Year: 2016
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i) Show that Maths < 0

They have no hearts, they that count
And calculate our ever ending lives
Purpose holds no lust for us and what's worse
Mathematics for its own dead sake smothered in bonewhite chalk dust - fitting fleeting skeleton tonnes scratching out the humdrum ho hum
Ought to be an ode, connect my social nodes up to electrodes and shock me again!
Make me breath life not snortle up brief snatches of truth crust
But I must
Wade through rigour and musk
To be bigger than the sun setting at dusk

ii) Show that Maths > 0

Trying get you down with all that calculus?
What they didn't know is that they count on us.
Get the answers right, black and white, classic Atticus
Flicking off the hours on my abacus said you behave cos we've got all day
Rapping along to an old sign wave saw blade 808 self made
perpetual eā€™motion in dreamscapes
Watching their mouths as they all gape
to a new infinity new reality
crank up the rigour and throw out the'ill fallacy
from my mind palace
don't be callous without cause
cos without physics laws and love all is lost and at max cost

It's all over the blackboard
The writings on the wall
The chalk breaks into dust now
Just waiting for the fall

Nobody talks about all of us,
they go on all about genius, standing on shoulders of dwarves by induction,
they are the Sherlocks we are the Watsons,
Together we make the power of a double barreled shotgun:

iii) Using parts i and ii and proof by contradiction, help me see.

How we have heard of the light of things!
I see the dream weavers
Truth schemers
Proof wielders
Thinkers tink'rers
Darkness shielders
We are but blinded fielders
finding the lost code semicolon;
Seek the substitution,
Teach someone who wants to learn
And make a contribution

The linear lateral,
All without adderall
Racing against the pall
Trying to make sense of it all
Or just some, and wonder at the rest until it clicks


Did you hear the click?
Did you see it in their eyes?
When the answer comes
And turns a glum face into pleasant adolescent surprise.
Have you felt the click and taught it too,
Raleigh said the sky is blue,
a fractal fraction scatt'ring to a starry hue, a writhing stew
of the 4D wibbly wobbly,
my spacetime odyssey honestly,
this is our time to refract and reflect protect and correct what or who's next?
Can we be the best we can be?
See the click if you've got good optometry
If you are the one to beat
Click it till you find your feat.
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