Four By Four

By: RM (School of Chemical Eng. and Analytical Science)
Competition Year: 2016
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One material balance to rule them all
Two, if you consider energy balances at all
Three authors or more and your citation needs that et al
Four years of this degree is probably like hitting a brick wall

Five steps to construct the perfect McCabe-Thiele diagram
Six dreaded yet surprisingly nice January exams
Seven days before is when you really start to cram
Eight late emails from irate lecturers always ending up in spam

Nine AM narcolepsy inducing long-haul lectures
Tentatively scheduled meetings with elusive project members
Eleven PM adrenalin spikes caused by Turnitin based misadventures
Twelve unopened copies of TCE that slowly turned into your makeshift furniture

13 weird ways in which students procrastinate online before their deadline!
Fourteen lecture venues that you hardly ever reach on time
Fifteen minutes of infamy brought on by asking that question on enzymes
16 shades of grey hex colours aptly summarise Manchester's weather; how sublime!
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