Uni Life

By: Sam Foster (School of Materials)
Competition Year: 2016
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They expect me to be a star
Destined to be amazing
But I am happy from afar
I don’t need to be gazing

I live life till I’m full
Pints filled to the brim
But when friends are dull
There’s always Skyrim

Money has always been a concern
I have always shopped at Lidl
Fillet steak oh how I yearn
For your tender bloody middle

Another problem that I’ve found
Is my constant lack of time
Essays always keep me drowned
Professors their partners in crime

Deciding my priorities
Be it booty or a test
I’ll put down this isosceles
Because it’s time to get undressed

I get the bus everyday
There is a bigmouthed Shrek
He’s the opposite of Parfait
I want my hands on his neck

For most 9am lectures
The attendance seems to be slim
Comprehending conjectures
That seem made up on a whim

Only 4 hours of slumber
It seems that death draws close
Fighting eyelid encumber
Too late friends, adiós.
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I like the reference to Donkey "you know what else everybody likes? Parfait!" Brilliant xD